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QEP Writing Through Revision

Creating Peer Review Assignments on Canvas

As Spalding transitions to Canvas, check out this guide on how to create peer-review assignments in Canvas. 

Powerpoint slide with instructions for Guerilla Peer Review 101

The above instructions are meant to give your students an easy "way-in" to conducting peer review in class and on their own with classmates - just download the slide (below) and take your students though the instructions. It is vital that you, as the instructor, help to guide the conversation each pair or group has, especially at the beginning, so that the feedback students provide remains robust. Focusing on moments of "gut feeling" confusion and having students articulate a question and response to this gut feeling is a very high leverage practice. But remember to be an active participant in your students' conversations! 

In like manner, peer review does not replace, but rather can substantially augment, the work you do in your class with the Spalding Writing Center.

Guerilla Peer Review - Slide

Review Lesson Plan

Check out this link to the Florida State University Writing Center to see lesson plans for teaching revision.