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QEP Writing Through Revision

Campus Resources for Students

Writing consultants and interdisciplinary tutors are here every weekday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  They are available to work with you on your projects at any stage of the process--even if you are just starting!  Check in at the front desk and a consultant will be matched up to work with you.

Call or email the University Writing Center to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome.  You can also email your writing project and a writing consultant will respond with feedback within 48 hours.

Contact information:

Library, 2nd Floor

(502) 873-4494

[email protected]

Sometimes it is the lack of time--not the writing itself--that gets in the way of completing papers.  If you want to discuss time management with a Success Coach, do not hesitate to reach out!  Spalding University wants to see you succeed!

Contact Information:

Egan Leadership Center, Room 200

(502) 873-4169

Do not stay silent about your needs as a writer and a learner.  If you have a diagnosed learning difference, our Accessibility Services can support you and communicate with instructors regarding your learning style and any accommodations you need.

Contact Information

Library, 3rd Floor, Room 315

(502) 873-4161

[email protected]

Here!  You are using a great resource by being on this website!  You can find online writing resources for students that were developed by our QEP: Writing Through Revision.