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Library Instruction

The Library Instruction Program at Spalding University Library seeks to empower students to discover, use, and create information, data, and scholarship in today’s complex digital environment by providing effective, engaging, and embedded learning services.

The program supports the mission of the University in meeting the needs of the time and promoting peace and justice by working with students and faculty to co-investigate the political, social, and economic dimensions of information, including its creation, access, and use. This critical approach to information literacy uses teaching methods that uncover systems of oppression and identify opportunities to act upon them.

Services include:

  • individual research assistance
  • in-class or hybrid instruction sessions
  • online tutorials and guides
  • assignment design

For additional questions or requests, email [email protected] or call (502) 585-7130.

Request a Library Instruction Consultation or Session

Example Lesson Plans

In a typical library instruction session, students may learn how to: 

  • formulate a research question of an appropriate scope
  • use advanced search strategies in library databases
  • evaluate sources for relevance, credibility, impact, and validity
  • locate sources and scholarly literature on a particular research topic
  • follow a scholarly conversation through citation tracking
  • manage sources, citations, and references

Sample Lesson Plans

Below are sample lesson plans for general education and subject-specific classes that can be facilitated by a librarian. Lesson plans may be adapted to meet your needs, and you may freely use and implement them in their own instruction. For questions or to request a detailed outline, contact [email protected]