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Math Lab Mission

The mission of the Spalding University Math Lab is to:
·        Promote mathematical learning.
·        Build student confidence in mathematical abilities.
·        Reduce math anxiety and stress levels relating to mathematics.
·        Equip students with the proper skills and understanding to succeed in mathematics.
·        Increase homework grades, test scores, and overall math grades.

Math Lab Hours


PLEASE NOTE: The Math Lab is closed when the library is closed.  
This includes academic holidays and graduation. 

The Math Lab is also closed during break weeks between sessions. 

Best Approach to Success

Log in. Log in and out of the Math Lab for each visit.

Eliminate distractions. Place your cell phone on silent or vibrate. If you must take a call, please step outside the Lab.

Be prepared. Attend classes, take good notes, and complete or attempt homework assignments.

Don’t wait until the last minute before a test to get help. The Math Lab is open 5 days a week, including evening and weekend hours.

Bring important materials. Textbooks, class notes, syllabus.

Work out problems before asking for help. If the tutors can see your work, they will be better able to help you find mistakes.

Utilize your resources. The Math Lab offers access to computers, calculators, and resource materials in addition to free tutoring.

Be considerate. Please be polite and respectful of those around you.

Accuplacer Study Guide

The Accuplacer Exam tests your knowledge in mathematics and is taken by students to determine which math class is the best fit for their skill level. Students may take the Accuplacer exam up to two times with at least one month between​ testing. It is also important to note that calculators are not allowed on this particular exam.   


How do I prepare for the Accuplacer?
To begin, come visit the Math Lab, Library 326, if you are unsure where to start.  You do not need an appointment and you may drop by any time we are open​.


Accuplacer Study Resources:

Below is a study guide that can help you revisit mathematical topics you may have forgotten.  This study guide is a very thorough outline of what you might expect from the Accuplacer Exam. 

Accuplacer Study Guide_Math.pdf


Utilize the math portion of the guide below to access sample test questions.



Follow the link below to access a free study app.

Accuplacer Study App

TEAS Questions

​About the TEAS exam:

 ​​The TEAS exam (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is part of the criteria used to determine admittance into the nursing program here at Spalding University. This is a computerized test. The math portion of the TEAS exam covers material related to numbers and operations, measurement, data interpretation, and algebra. Calculators are not allowed on this test. 

TEAS Stud​​y Resources:

Visit the Math Lab on the 3rd floor of the Library building, room 326. Our tutors will be happy to assist you with test preparation. 
TEAS Study Manuals are available through the Spalding Library. These manuals can be checked out for 4 hours at a time in the Library.  
See the attendant at the Library Help Desk on the main floor of the Library building and ask to check out one of the TEAS Study Manuals on reserve. 
Utilize this free online practice test​ for further preparation: ​TEAS Practice Test​
Follow the link below to access a free study app with nearly 2,000 practice questions.
Printable practice exam is also available:
TEAS Questions:

Any questions about the TEAS exam should be directed to Pam Fleck at (502) 873-4286