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Math Lab

Math Lab

Math Lab Mission

The mission of the Spalding University Math Lab is to:
·        Promote mathematical learning.
·        Build student confidence in mathematical abilities.
·        Reduce math anxiety and stress levels relating to mathematics.
·        Equip students with the proper skills and understanding to succeed in mathematics.
·        Increase homework grades, test scores, and overall math grades.

“I have hated math primarily my whole schooling career but when I got to college my feelings didn’t really change. I even feared math more until I went to the math lab and met Jessica Mulder. She is such a kind and uplifting person that made me feel comfortable and even helped me comprehend math in many different ways. She didn’t look at me or treat me different because I have dyslexia and dyscalculia but she encouraged me and showed me different ways to learn without me getting overwhelmed. I think the math lab is the best, having help with math is so nice to have, even if you’re an adult. The math lab and Jessica helped me not fear math but they made me grow to like it. The math lab is a place I will always highly recommend. It’s totally worth it to contact the math lab and Jessica for any math related problems you may come across.” ~Studio Art Major

"If you’re a skilled mathematician or even someone who struggles with math and needs tutoring or simply just a second help, I recommend Jessica who is in Math Lab 202 in the library. Speaking from experience, I am in no need of help with math but I went to Jessica for help when I needed something explained differently or even just a refresher. She was a tremendous help when I needed it most. You simply show up or make an appointment with her. It’s that simple and in the end you’ll achieve better scores on tests and quizzes and your knowledge excels." ~Criminal Justice Major

"Thank you, Jessica for all your assistance and support. I could not have passed this class without you, you are a life saver literally. I thought that I was going to have to drop my statistic course and take it another time which would have meant pushing my graduation date back. You assisted me through this course in effective time and gave me my hope back. I am forever grateful to you for this." ~Psychology Major

"The Math Lab is a critical resource on campus. Jessica makes sure to find time to assist anyone. I received a lot of one-on-one assistance with my math assignments. The Math Lab breaks problems down in a way that everyone can understand. It is a valuable resource that helped me a ton." ~Creative Writing Major

"Before I was referred to Jessica Mulder in the Spalding University Math Lab (by my academic advisor) I had been approximately 20 credits short of graduating for over 6 years. I knew that at least 4 of those classes involved math (Math 104, Math 113 (Algebra), Econ 281 Microeconomics, and Math 231 Statistical Techniques). For all those years, I languished in my teaching career with JCPS. I was unable to do anything but take long-term substitute teaching positions because I didn't have my Bachelors Degree. I longed to finish my Bachelors, and enter the Alternate Certification teaching program at Spalding to obtain my MAT in Learning Behaviors and Disabilities. However, I was intimidated and discouraged by all the math required to graduate. Well, last spring I decided to try ONE LAST TIME to get my degree. When I re-applied to Spalding, and re-enrolled in my classes, my advisor told me, "it will be challenging, but you CAN do it, please contact Jessica Mulder in the Math Lab and work with her, she will tutor you." Well thank God I did, because I am finally graduating next month!! It feels so good to be able to make that statement, and I wouldn't be able to say that if Jessica hadn't been willing to tutor me 3-5 days a week. She has worked tirelessly with me over the past year to improve my math skills. Jessica is intelligent, humble, kind, and possibly the most patient human I have ever met. My math skills are better than they were when I was in high school (over 20 years ago) because she was willing to tutor me. Throughout this process I became discouraged many times, but each time Jessica lifted me up with the words, "no, you're not giving up, you've GOT THIS". She helped me to help myself, and I now feel empowered and well prepared to tackle graduate school in the fall. I can guarantee you that I would not be graduating in June without her help. THANK YOU Spalding Math Lab, I am eternally grateful!" ~Psychology Major

"I remember calling Jessica with so much stress and worry in my voice. I didn’t know anything about her. All I knew was that she was the (Math Lady). I called her that day because I was so scared of the unknown. When it came to anything math related, my whole being would automatically become crippled. The fear of not being smart enough to finish any math courses had taken a hold on me and the way I valued myself. I called Jessica that day and poured out my fears relating to math all upon her shoulders. I said to her, “ I do not and I cannot fail this class, but I simply cannot do math. At that moment my emotions were gushing out at her. She noticed the overwhelming fear in my voice. With that she said, "I know you can do this. I will be with you and we are going to get through this together." With a slight pause she continued, "you will not fail this class, I promise.” The journey wasn’t easy. I say this with the most genuine part of my heart, Jessica has changed my life. Never have I had an instructor who had enveloped me in so much encouragement to succeed. Never have I had an instructor who wanted to understand my learning patterns. Going to the math lab has not only helped me gain my confidence, but it has given me a friend; and a friendship that truly will last forever. Jessica, I cannot thank you enough. There are no words comprehensible for how much gratitude I have for you. PS., with her help, I finished all my math class and was at the top of my class!" ~Social Work Major

"I thank you for your patience, encouragement and understanding; you were a bright light when things got dark for me . Without your help I would not have made it through each of my math courses, I hope that the Spalding faculty and staff know that you are a blessing to all that comes into contact with you. It is with a grateful heart that I tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work, support and dedication that you put into what you love and that's helping others to succeed in math, may God continue to use you and bless you." ~Criminal Justice Major

Best Approach to Success

Log in. Log in and out of the Math Lab for each visit.

Eliminate distractions. Place your cell phone on silent or vibrate. If you must take a call, please step outside the Lab.

Be prepared. Attend classes, take good notes, and complete or attempt homework assignments.

Don’t wait until the last minute before a test to get help. The Math Lab is open 5 days a week. By appointment.

Bring important materials. Textbooks, class notes, syllabus.

Work out problems before asking for help. If the tutor can see your work, they will be better able to help you find mistakes.

Utilize your resources. The Math Lab offers access to computers, calculators, and resource materials in addition to free tutoring.

Be considerate. Please be polite and respectful of those around you. This is a safe space for everyone.