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QEP Writing Through Revision

Attention Writing-Intensive Faculty

Information for Writing-Intensive Faculty

We are so happy that you are a part of the Quality Enhancement Plan: "Writing through Revision." We hope that you will join us at our Faculty Learning Community workshops, collaborate with the Writing Center, and seek out the resources we have to offer you on this website and through one-on-one consultations. You can learn about the QEP and our student learning outcomes on this page. To implement the QEP at the curricular level, faculty teaching designated Writing-Intensive (WI) courses are required to emphasize the writing process and utilize some form of peer review in their classes. Scaffolding writing assignments and creating opportunities for metacognitive reflection are high impact practices for teaching the writing process. We highly recommend the Writing Center's services for facilitating in-class or online peer review; you can request Writing Center services here. We also have online resources for conducting your own peer review.

Please use the "Writing Intensive Syllabus Statement" to add language about writing through revision to your syllabi. Faculty are welcome to revise this statement for their specific purposes. 

For the assessment of the QEP's outcomes, faculty will be asked to collect and submit the below course artifacts for external scoring on the AAC&U Written Communication VALUE Rubric. Artifacts will be collected for two years for each academic program.

Required Artifacts: 

  • Syllabus
  • AAC&U VALUE Institute coversheet including writing assignment description (coversheet and rubric below)
  • One early draft for each student of above assignment with student name removed
  • Final draft (at least three pages in length) for each student of above assignment with student name removed

Please upload all of the above items to the QEP Artifact Submission Portal. We recommend having students submit electronic copies of their early and final drafts for an easier submission process. Please save student drafts as individual files and remove student names from the documents, indicating student ID number by file name only (please do not include student ID on the paper itself). Example file names: “Student ID Draft 1”, “Student ID Final Draft". Files will need to be submitted as a single file upload, so a zip file is the best way to submit artifacts. 

The purposes of collecting this data are to measure the gain in writing skills from freshman year to senior year and to document emphasis on the writing process in the curriculum. This will not be linked to the instructor’s job performance in any way, and student identities will remain confidential. Only the QEP team and AAC&U certified scorers will have access to the anonymized artifacts for assessment purposes. You will see a QEP Overview for Students attached in case you want to share this with your class (it is not required).

QEP Writing-to-Learn Award for Innovative Teaching

The Spalding community wants to celebrate the fruits of our innovation, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom! We invite faculty from any undergraduate program to apply to the 2021 Writing-to-Learn Award.
  • One award to a full-time faculty
  • One award to an adjunct faculty member
  • $200 in book purchases will be awarded to each winner 
  • Winners will also receive physical awards and their names will be engraved on a plaque in the CTL Lounge
  • Call for Submissions announced in November
  • Applications considered from any course taught between Session 4 of 2019-20 and Session 3 of 2020-21
  • Application period open through March 12, 2021
  • Winners announced in April 2021


To apply, simply submit evidence of your innovative teaching practice in the format of your choice, along with a short cover letter, to Judging criteria are included in the document below. 


Click here to see a video about the QEP Writing-to-Learn award for innovative teaching

QEP Writing-to-Learn Award for Innovative Teaching Winners

Congratulations to our award winners!

Year Adjunct Faculty Full Time Faculty
2019 Minda Reves, MFA

Amy Young, MSEd, PsyD

2020 Emanuelle Wessels, PhD Dorina Parmenter, PhD
2021   Erica Lemberger, DNP


QEP Ambassadors

QEP Ambassadors are faculty members who work within and

across departments to promote meaningful discussions about writing pedagogy.


Thank you, QEP Ambassadors! 

2019-2020 Kristen Harris, Amy Young, Laura Detmering, Erica Lemberger, Minda Reves, Lisa Potts 


Donna Elkins, Jennifer Mangeot, Karen Dunnagan, Amy Young, Dori Parmenter,

Kathleen Nesbitt, Laura Detmering, Pattie Dillon, Youn-Kyung Kim