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QEP Writing Through Revision

QEP Writing-to-Learn Award for Innovative Teaching

The QEP continues to celebrate the fruits of our innovation, collaboration, and creativity around writing in the classroom. We invite faculty and staff who are teaching undergraduate courses to apply to the 2022-2023 QEP Writing-to-Learn Award for Innovative Teaching. The award includes:

  • One award to a full-time faculty member
  • One award to an adjunct faculty member
  • $200 in Amazon book purchases will be awarded to each winner (must be submitted by the end of the fiscal year) 
  • An engraved award plaque for each winner

Eligibility and deadlines:

  • Applications considered from any course taught between Session 4 of 2021-2022 (Feb. 2022) and Session 3 of 2022-2023 (end of January 2023). 
  • Application period open through March 24, 2023
  • Winners announced at Faculty Recognition/Showcase in April 2023

To apply, simply submit evidence of your innovative teaching practice in the format of your choice, along with a cover letter, to [email protected]

Here is a checklist of the items our judges will be looking for in materials submitted for the Writing-to-Learn Award:

Criteria for Writing-to-Learn Award

QEP Writing-to-Learn Award for Innovative Teaching Winners

Congratulations to our award winners!

Year Winners
2018-2019 Minda Reves, MFA; Amy Young, MSEd, PsyD
2019-2020 Emanuelle Wessels, PhD; Dorina Parmenter, PhD
2020-2021 Erica Lemberger, DNP
2021-2022 Trayce, Dixon, MSN; Nikki Jones, DSW; Jennifer Doyle, PhD


QEP Ambassadors

QEP Ambassadors are faculty members who work within and

across departments to promote meaningful discussions about writing pedagogy.


Thank you, QEP Ambassadors! 

2019-2020 Kristen Harris, Amy Young, Laura Detmering, Erica Lemberger, Minda Reves, Lisa Potts 


Donna Elkins, Jennifer Mangeot, Karen Dunnagan, Amy Young, Dori Parmenter,

Kathleen Nesbitt, Laura Detmering, Pattie Dillon, Youn-Kyung Kim