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QEP Writing Through Revision

Dear Spalding Student,

Welcome to “Writing through Revision”, Spalding’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  Called “Writing through Revision,” is a five year institution wide project.  Spalding’s QEP program will be rolled out sequentially to every undergraduate program between 2017 and 2022. 

30 years of research on college writing tells us three things:

  1. Good writers make good critical thinkers
  2. People learn to be good writers by practicing and getting consistent feedback.
  3. Good critical thinkers are employable, no matter their major.

So you should practice writing a lot and get a lot of quality feedback during your time at Spalding!

As an undergraduate student, you will see an emphasis on writing both in the classroom and outside the classroom. 

Some of the classes you take while at Spalding will be designated as “writing intensive” (WI).  This means that your instructor will spend significant time talking about and having you practice the writing process in these courses. 

There are resources on campus to help you with your writing process!  Come visit the Writing Center on the second floor of the library, called the Academic Commons.  You will always find someone there who can give you high-quality feedback on your writing, talk about your writing process, or just help you get started! 

We hope you will contribute to “Writing through Revision” throughout your career at Spalding.  Be part of our history, our present, and our future.  Write Now.