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Center for Teaching & Learning

Designing Instruction for All

2021-2022 TEC Professional Development Series

Designing Instruction for All

Presented by Dr. Kayla Steltenkamp, Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Thomas Moore University and founder of Mind over Matter. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Engaging In Person and Online Learners in One Classroom

The Teaching Excellence Committee presents a session with the following faculty panelists who will share their best practices for engaging students and managing technology in classes that include both in person and live online learners.

Faculty panelists include:
Ian Van Deventer, BUS
Nikki Jones, SW
Dede Wohlfarth, SOPP

In addition, Ezra Krumhansl will join us to demo some new technology available for these blended classes.

Using Strengths in the Classroom

2021-2022 TEC Professional Development Series

Using Strengths in the Classroom. Presented by: Spalding University HR Executive Director, Jennifer Brockhoff

Engaging Online Learners

2021-2022 TEC Professional Development Series

Engaging Online Learners. Presented by Terry Tocantins and Dr. Glynita Bell held on January 4, 2022.

Contemplative Pedagogy

2021-2022 TEC Professional Development Series

Presented by: Dr. Michael Strawser from the University of Central Florida, December 1, 2021

Contemplative Pedagogy is “an approach to teaching and learning with the goal of encouraging deep learning through focused attention, reflection, and heightened awareness.” Prior to or after the presentation, you can learn more about Contemplative Pedagogy by visiting Columbia University's Center for Teaching and Learning, the Contemplative Pedagogy Network or watching Dr. Strawser’s workshop on Magna Publications Faculty Commons: Contemplative Pedagogy for Purposeful Teaching.


Technology Teaching Tools: Perusall,, and Kahoot

2021-2022 TEC Professional Development Series

Technology Teaching Tools. Presented by: Dr. Allison Fowler (SOPP), Dr. Lisa Potts, (NS) and Dr. Stacy Deck (SW)

Spalding faculty demonstrate how they use Perusall (in Canvas), Kahoot!, and to enhance student interactions in class.

Using Portfolium in Canvas

Spalding University “Welcome Week” Teaching Mini-Conference
Using Portfolium in Canvas. Presented by Dee Browning, 
Associate Professor of Nursing, MSN, RN, CNE
Learn how to use this portfolio-building option in Canvas so your students can create an ePortfolio of their work to use now and take with them after graduation.

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Spalding University “Welcome Week” Teaching Mini-Conference
Creating an Inclusive Classroom. Presented by Steven Kniffley, Jr., PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology and Chief of Diversity
Ways to ensure you are inclusive of all students and foster positive conversations around difficult topics in all types of classes.

Faculty Panel: Synchronous/Asynchronous Online Teaching Experiences

Spalding University “Welcome Week” Teaching Mini-Conference
Panelists include: Dr. Allison Fowler, SOPP
Dr. Robin Hinkle, MSBC
Dr. Stacy Deck, SW 
Dr. Lisa Potts, Natural Science
Dr. DeDe Wohlfarth, SOPP
Dr. Jeff Lederer, OT
Hear ideas about engaging students online from some of our outstanding faculty. They share what has worked best for them, technology tools they recommend, and how they have built connection with undergraduate and graduate students online.

Understanding Open Educational Resources (OER)

Spalding University “Welcome Week” Teaching Mini-Conference
Understanding Open Educational Resources (OER). Presented by:
Leah Cover, MA, MLS, Instruction and Learning Services Librarian
Brandi Duggins, MSLS, Access Services Librarian
Giving students access to affordable materials from day one of the class can make a big difference in their success and retention. Learn about
options for OER in your discipline and how you can incorporate these materials into any of your courses.