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ASOT OTD Capstone Project Student Handbook

This manual will provide students, facutly, administration, and partnering agencies with a description of the process and procedures of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

Agency Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Employed at, contracted with, or provides routine services for the agency where the doctoral capstone experience/project will occur;
  2. Demonstrated evidence of expertise in the capstone content area;
  3. Completion of the ASOT Capstone Role Agreement and Capstone Proposal Signature form that includes documented willingness to work with the OTD student, provide support, and evaluation of the student’s outcomes. *The agency capstone mentor is not required to be credentialed as an occupational therapist;
  4. Ensure that the agency has an approved Capstone Agreement Contract, to include that agency staff and consumers are aware of the OTD Capstone Project outcomes prior to the commencement of the OTD Capstone Project;
  5. Orient the OTD student to the facility and confirm student compliance of all safety measures during the course of the OTD Capstone Project;
  6. Provide supervision and/or guidance by the agency mentor and/or other identified agency leaders/staff that is commensurate with the expectations of OTD student development and performance and the OTD Capstone Project outcomes;
  7. Monitor the OTD student's on-site attendance to ensure one dedicates at least 480 hours within the agency engaged in activities associated with the OTD Capstone Project and aligned with the specific goals, objectives, and strategies outlined within the project plan;
  8. Document the student’s progression and performance through the formal and objective midterm and final evaluation mechanism of the OTD Capstone Project.