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ASOT OTD Capstone Project Student Handbook

This manual will provide students, facutly, administration, and partnering agencies with a description of the process and procedures of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

Policy Overview

This handbook details the purpose and requirements for ASOT OTD students as they complete the final occupational therapy course, OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone. OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone is the culminating course in the curriculum and commences only after the entire academic curriculum, including fieldwork, has been successfully completed. OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone occurs over a 14-week time frame, which includes at least 80% of the OTD student’s scheduled work time at the assigned agency. This assignment provides the basis for experiential learning in an in-depth occupational therapy role.  

The following policies are presented in a sequential order to provide direction for each ASOT OTD student, as well as faculty, Spalding University administration, and partnering community agencies, regarding the process of preparing for and completing OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone. Successful completion of OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone makes eligible the OTD student for graduation from this entry-level OTD program offered through ASOT and Spalding University.