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ASOT OTD Capstone Project Student Handbook

This manual will provide students, facutly, administration, and partnering agencies with a description of the process and procedures of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

OTD Student Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Enrolled and in good academic standing within the ASOT OTD academic program;

  2. Maintain and monitor current personal health insurance, Spalding University professional liability, criminal background check, American Heart Association’s CPR certification for the healthcare provider, and immunization/vaccination records;

  3. Submit OTD Capstone Project Application and accept assignment of ASOT faculty supervisor and partnering community agency;

  4. Completion of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project Agreement form;

  5. Successfully meet competency requirements of the OTKE, NBCOT Practice Exams, the OTD Portfolio, ASOT OTD Statement of Professionalism, and transcript audit to obtain academic permission for commencing the ASOT OTD Capstone Project;

  6. Complete a literature review that addresses the needs and priorities of the OTD Capstone Project’s identified agency and the capstone project’s area of focus;

  7. Complete a needs assessment within the agency for the OTD Capstone Project;

  8. Collaborate with ASOT faculty supervisor, agency mentor, and ASOT capstone coordinator in the development and design of the OTD Capstone Project, which includes project outcomes (e.g. goals, objectives), outcome measures, and evaluative standards for performance;

  9. Obtain approval from the ASOT faculty supervisor of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project Proposal;

  10. Document hours on-site at the agency, off-site project work, and hours of direct and indirect supervision provided by the ASOT faculty supervisor of OTD student, per the approved OTD Capstone Project Proposal;

  11. Maintain formal documentation of supervision logs and meetings along with a formal evaluation mechanism for objective assessment of one’s own performance during and at the completion of the doctoral experiential component;

  12. Complete the 560-hour OTD Capstone Project focused on ensuring all project goals, objectives, and outcomes are met;

  13. Disseminate the outcomes of the OTD Capstone Project that demonstrates competency and synthesis of advanced, in-depth knowledge within the area of focus.