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ASOT OTD Capstone Project Student Handbook

This manual will provide students, facutly, administration, and partnering agencies with a description of the process and procedures of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

Student Learning Outcomes of the ASOT OTD Program

Students and graduates will:

  • Achieve entry-level practice competence through a combination of successful didactic and academic fieldwork education experiences and completion of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

  • Demonstrate active involvement in evidence-based practice, professional development, and advocacy.

  • Demonstrate synthesis of advanced knowledge in a focused practice area through completion of a culminating capstone project in one or more of the following areas: clinical practice, scholarship, administration, leadership, program and policy development, education, and theory development.

Assessment of OTD Student Learning Outcomes:

The goal of a clinical doctorate program is to prepare practitioner-scholars who a) understand the need for evidence-informed practice, practice-based scholarship and research, b) understand diverse care delivery models, and c) are prepared to meet the occupational needs of society. The ASOT OTD Capstone Project is designed to develop occupational therapists with the capacity to engage in pursuits for the growth, development, and vitality of the profession.

Students and graduates will:

  • Successfully complete 100 credit hours didactic and fieldwork educational experiences. Successfully complete an electronic portfolio that demonstrates competence in the areas of knowledge, critical reasoning, interpersonal skills, practice skills, and ethical reasoning skills.

  • Plan, design, and complete a scholarly project that emphasizes at least one of the following areas of focus: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, program/policy development, leadership, advocacy, education, and theory development. Include description of how each of the four curriculum threads will be interwoven within this area of focus as a part of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.

  • Successfully complete a systematic review of the literature that relates to a focused area of study/practice outlined in the student’s 15-week OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone the commencement of the project.

  • Successfully complete the ASOT OTD Capstone Competency Requirement Measure prior to the commencement of OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone.

  • Successfully complete a 10-credit hour, 14-week (560 clock hours) doctoral capstone project within OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone.

  • Demonstrate peer-reviewed dissemination of advanced knowledge within the focused area of study at the conclusion of OT 900: Occupational Therapy Capstone.