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ASOT OTD Capstone Project Student Handbook

This manual will provide students, facutly, administration, and partnering agencies with a description of the process and procedures of the ASOT OTD Capstone Project.


The Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program (OTD), as part of The Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy, embraces time’s essential flow through the River of Occupation by creating collaborative, effective, and ethical practice leaders, administrators, and researchers who value the use of occupation to meet the needs of the time. Faculty and students in the OTD program emphasize the use of the following concepts:

  • education and collaboration among individuals, groups, teams and populations to meet the occupational needs of society;

  • leadership in practice and advocacy to maximize the accessibility of occupational therapy services through program and policy development in the ever-changing healthcare climate;

  • critical thinking/ occupation-based reasoning/ ethical reasoning by incorporating theoretical knowledge and evidence-based practice into complex service delivery systems;

  • compassionate, client-centered care to foster the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being of diverse communities.two kayakers running like they're on a mission