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Testing Accommodations and Proctoring

Students who are registered with the Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity and have approved testing accommodations are entitled to receive those accommodations for any test, quiz, or exam.  Faculty should provide a testing environment as outlined in the student’s accommodation letter. The Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity may provide test proctoring when all other options have been exhausted.

Student and instructors may make any arrangements for testing accommodations which are fair to the student and to the class requirements. Students with extended time on exams may need an alternate test time if they have another class immediately following the one in which they have an exam.

The most frequent testing accommodations are extended time (150%) and a distraction reduced environment. A distraction-reduced environment does not mean a private testing room. The best practice for a distraction-reduced environment is to allow a student to test in a room that minimizes outside noise and has no more than a total of six students testing at a time. Oftentimes, an empty, adjacent classroom is an ideal way to provide this environment.

Students who will test with the Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity are expected to schedule an appointment to take the test as soon as the test is announced, or at least three business days in advance. Please note that the Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity (CALE) staff may be unable to proctor during the scheduled class period or on the same day that the exam is scheduled for the class.

Student Responsibilities for Testing:

  • Work with professor as soon as test/exam dates are announced to schedule testing time and location.
  • Notify the Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity at least three (3) business days in advance if the student will need to test in LIB 314 (CALE Office). Email should be sent to [email protected]
  • Email professor and the CALE office ([email protected]) to notify professor that they will need to share the exam with CALE staff. CALE staff will share the confirmed test date and time with the student and faculty.
  • Arrive on time for testing. If you are late, the time will be deducted from your testing time.
  • Follow direction regarding the storage of backpacks, phones, calculators, etc.

Faculty Responsibilities for Testing:

  • Make arrangements for testing directly with the student whenever possible.
  • If test is to be proctored by CALE, provide CALE with a printed copy of the exam at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled test time. Copies may be left in the CALE Mailbox (behind the circulation desk on the first floor of the library) or hand delivered to CALE staff of GAs (LIB 314). While we can print a short (2–3-page prompt), we are unable to print in color or documents over 3 pages.
  • Provide CALE with the following information:
    • How long do students have to complete the exam during class?
    • Are calculators allowed?
    • Are notes/open book allowed?
    • Other testing requirements

Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity Responsibilities for Testing:

  • Confirm scheduled testing date and time with student and faculty.
  • Facilitate a secure testing environment that maintains the integrity of the exam.
  • Collect completed exams from the student, secure in an envelope with a signature over the seal and make arrangements to return to professor.
  • Test proctors may not explain content or express opinions concerning the test. Clarifications for specific purposes (directions, procedures, or time remaining) may be given.
  • Backpacks, phones, notes that are not allowed in the testing environment will be held in a secure location for the duration of the exam.
  • Uphold University guidelines and policies regarding test-taking and academic integrity.