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Apply For Academic/Housing Accommodations

Application for Academic and/or Housing Accommodation





Spalding University students who seek accommodations based on their disability are responsible for completing an online Request for Accommodations Application and for providing appropriate supporting documentation. A student who is seeking accommodations on the basis of a disability is responsible for obtaining the needed evaluation and resulting documentation, and for initiating contact with the Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity. Spalding University approaches requests for accommodations with the belief that each student's circumstance is unique and that a flexible approach is the right way to determine appropriate accommodations.




A medical diagnosis alone does not establish a need or an entitlement to accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADA-AA). Another way of saying this is that having any disorder or condition does not, by itself, lead to any conclusion under Section 504 or the ADA. Therefore, the documentation required by Spalding University extends beyond the medical diagnosis and encompasses the four key elements of a person's disability status under Section 504 and the ADA.



Accommodations are determined based solely on the impact of the student’s documented disability. A connection must be established between the requested accommodations and the functional limitations or barrier on the student.


Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines for more information. 



If you are unable to provide documentation from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified mental health professional please reach out to Spalding University’s Counseling and Psychological Services ([email protected]) for a full battery of assessments at no additional charge. This process may take one or more sessions for the Spalding University Counseling Center to schedule.



Please plan to take 10-15 minutes to complete this form.  You cannot save this form.  You may submit the form without documentation attached, and submit documentation via email to [email protected].  However, we cannot process your application without your documentation. 


Please click here to complete the form for Accommodations.