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ASOT OTD Program Student Handbook

The Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy (ASOT), Occupational Therapy Doctoral (OTD) Program Student Handbook is the policy and procedure resource specific to this program. This handbook aligns with the Spalding University Student Handbook and Catalog.

ASOT OTD General Attendance Policy for On-campus Coursework

Two very important professional behaviors within the workforce are punctuality and reliability. Employers expect every occupational therapy professional to be exemplars of these two behaviors, among many other elements of professionalism. ASOT OTD students are expected to attend all classes per policies stated in the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy Student Handbook and the Spalding University Catalog. Please read the attached policy related to professional behavior and class attendance.

Communicating Absences

The OTD curriculum is planned on the basis of regular attendance in class, on-line, and fieldwork experiences.  A student finding it necessary to be absent from a class, on-line meeting, or fieldwork experience is expected to display professional accountability and courtesy by notifying the instructor and the fieldwork agency a minimum of one hour prior to scheduled class, meeting, or fieldwork time. This communication should be done as soon as possible prior to the absence.

In the event of late arrivals to or early departures from the scheduled experience or meeting, students must communicate with the educator or leader as soon as possible before either occurs (if planned) or follow-up with the educator or leader as soon as possible (if unplanned). For all missed time, the student must use professional judgment about the best method of communication (email versus phone call versus).

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain lecture notes, complete class assignments, and obtain all information missed. If a student does not attend at least 80% of all class meetings, he/she will be considered unsuccessful in completing the requirements of the course.​ Please refer to the Spalding University Catalog for the campus-wide attendance policy.  

Inclement Weather

The ASOT OTD program adheres to Spalding University’s policy on inclement weather and scheduling of classes. The University will remain open, except for the most severe weather or other environmental conditions. When the weather is severe enough to warrant a change in our operating schedule, one of the following announcements will be made prior to the start of the workday (Monday – Sunday):

1.      Delayed schedule – University offices will open at 10:00 am.

2.      Classes canceled – All University offices will open at 10:00 a.m.

3.      University closed – All classes are canceled and all University offices are closed. In the event classes are canceled, make-up session(s) may be required. 

Should weather conditions deteriorate after students, faculty, and staff arrive for work or class, a review of the decision to remain open will be made at either noon or mid-afternoon. If no announcements are made via the University’s voice mail system and/or Website or on local radio and/or television, the University is open and operating on a normal schedule.

​​When the University is closed due to bad weather, no class or Level I Fieldwork experiences will be held.  If Level I Fieldwork is scheduled, the Fieldwork Educator will be notified by the student and a make-up day arranged. When the University is placed on the alternate schedule, the individual student is responsible for notifying his/her Fieldwork Educator.

Students on Level II Fieldwork will adhere to the policies and procedures of the agency where fieldwork is occurring.

Campus Emergencies

Spalding University has an emergency alert system that uses specific technology for sending students, faculty, and staff instant voice and text messages from Spalding University regarding emergency situations. SPALDING WILL ONLY USE THIS SYSTEM IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. OTD students are highly encouraged to sign up for Spalding's emergency alert system upon enrollment into the program.