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MKT 240: Principles of Marketing

Instructor: M. Reiss

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Using Library Databases in MKT 240

Student Marketing Audit

The student marketing audit (SMA) is a report of the current marketing strategies in place in an organization, as well as the relevant variables influencing those decisions. This type of audit would be used by product/brand managers or marketing managers within an organization.

In order to complete your student marketing audit, you will need to use secondary sources from databases such as Statista and Business Insights to thoroughly investigate your market topic. This will require using a variety of information sources packaged in different formats, including:​

  • Articles (trade & news)
  • Company websites and reports
  • Consumer demographics and analysis
  • Industry and market reports

You will need to access these sources using a variety of tools and platforms (not just Google), and synthesize information found across them to address your research questions. 

This guide will provide resources and suggestions for complete the SMA assignment for MKT 240. If you are having trouble finding references for your company, topic, or factors, schedule a one-on-one appointment with the librarian. 

Company Reports

You can usually find company information and annual reports published for investors on the corporation's sites.
On a company's site, look the fine print links on the bottom of the page or sitemap for links to: 

  • Annual Report
  • Corporate
  • History
  • Investor Relations
  • Suppliers

For example, this 2016 Annual Report for Target can be found on their investors page, as well as their 10k SEC filings

When looking at company information, consider their bias and how a company may want to present themselves to the public and investors. 

An SEC filing is a financial statement or other formal document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Public companies, certain insiders, and broker-dealers are required to make regular SEC filings and are publicly available.

EDGAR, is the SEC public search interface. You can search for companies by title or file number, and limit by state, country, or standard industry classification codes.