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Writing Center Faculty Resources: Faculty Resources

A list of resources and outreach tools for faculty.

Student Success Contacts

Library 3rd Floor Room 312-314
(502) 873-4161
Career Development
ELC 200
(502) 873-4158
Math Lab
Library 3rd Floor Room 326
(502) 873-4168
Success Coaching
ELC 200
(502) 873-4160
Library 2nd Floor
(502) 873-4382
Writing Center
Library 2nd Floor
(502) 873-4494


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Faculty Resources

The above tabs on this page provide information about the services offered by Your Writing Center. 

If you would like to schedule a peer review, online-embedded writing center, writing workshop, classroom visit, or any other additional writing center service, we kindly ask that you give us at least a week's notice so we can ensure proper staffing of the Writing Center to meet your needs.  To begin the scheduling process, please fill out the form in the following link and Charles or Abbie will contact you to discuss the details so we can tailor our services to meet your needs: Request a Workshop 

How We Do What We Do

As a writing center, our purpose is to help Spalding students grow as writers. We are not a free editing service – if we simply “fix” a paper for students, nothing will be learned in the process. Accordingly, we will not make changes to students’ drafts. Instead, we will discuss and comment on “global” issues (organization, development, clarity) explaining the issue and suggesting strategies for resolution. For “local,” editorial issues (grammar, spelling, APA, and formatting), we highlight the location of the issue so that students learn from making changes themselves.

In-Person Consultations
Students are invited to make appointments. Our face-to-face consultation sessions are generally about 45 minutes and focus on the student’s place in the writing process and the assignment. We focus on areas of strength and areas that provide opportunity for revision. 

These face-to-face sessions are the most effective way for us to work with students as they allow us to spend time focused on a single student’s work. This type of consultation allows us to enter into a conversation about the writing process in an environment where the vulnerability of the student and their work is acknowledged and respected. 

Email Consultations
For students who cannot work out a time for a face-to-face meeting, we offer an email writing consultation alternative. Students are able to upload their work via our online submission page. Our response time for emailed papers is typically 24-48 business hours for a 3 to 5 page paper (weekends and holidays not included). If students must use email, they will want to do so well in advance of the paper’s due date.

Please realize that this email option is less effective when compared with a one-on-one consultation because it does not allow for questioning, discussion, and the quality interaction that takes place when two people enter into an active discourse on writing. As such, we strongly recommend that students meet with us in person whenever possible.

Extra-Credit Writing Center Visits

To ensure that your students are utilizing the services we offer at the Writing Center you have the opportunity to offer extra-credit for visiting us, if you wish.  If you require your students to make an appointment with us in person, or submit a draft of their paper online, we will provide the student with a consultation form as proof of attendance.  Our consultation forms are also a valuable mode of communication because we will summarize the consultation as well as list the goals for revision after the session.  If you would like to incorporate an extra-credit Writing Center visit into your assignment(s), we kindly ask that you contact Charles ( and Abbie (  

A Quick Overview

Peer review with the Writing Center consists of dividing a class into small groups of three or four students. A consultant from the Writing Center then facilitates a group discussion of the work of each member of the group. Generally this consists of each member of the group bringing multiple copies of their paper, reading each paper aloud, discussing the paper and taking notes as to the feedback provided by the participants. All of this is done with a focus on the assignment and the writing process. 

If you would like to schedule a peer review for your class, we kindly ask that you give us at least a week's notice so we can ensure proper staffing of the Writing Center to meet your needs. To begin the scheduling process, please fill out the form in the following link and Charles or Abbie will contact you to discuss the details so we can tailor our services to meet your needs: Request a Workshop 


The Writing Center and Moodle

Our online-embedded Writing Center is designed to allow our staff to interact with students as they move through the writing process in a comfortable, online atmosphere. This interaction is accomplished by our staff conversing with students in online Moodle discussion forums. Our consultants respond to student posts with a focus on the current writing assignment and where the student appears to be in the writing process. This interaction allows our staff to enter into a discourse with students who may be reluctant to visit the Writing Center while also giving them additional direction in their writing process. We can communicate with faculty throughout this process in order to recognize where students are in the session/writing process and what goals faculty may have for students in concern to the embedded element. 

If you would like to schedule online-embedded Writing Center for your class, we kindly ask that you give us at least a week's notice so we can ensure proper staffing of the Writing Center to meet your needs. To begin the scheduling process, please fill out the form in the following link and Charles or Abbie will contact you to discuss the details so we can tailor our services to meet your needs: Request a Workshop 

In-Class Presentations Facilitated by the Writing Center

Have you noticed an element of writing that your class is struggling with? You are welcome to invite our writing professionals to your classroom. We offer specialized writing workshops to mee your needs and the needs of your students. These workshops can be panel discussions with WC and QEP administration, mini talks, or small group workshops. This is a flexible model that we can tailor to fit the needs of your students.

If you are interested in hosting a Writing Center Presentation we ask that you email Charles and Abbie at least a week in advance of your desired date for our visit.  In your email, please communicate your needs, goals, and expectations. Then, we will thoughtfully prepare a presentation to target the specific areas of your concerns as well as craft specialized handouts and other reference materials for the benefit of your students. 

Writing Center and the Quality Enhancement Plan Continued Collaboration

Spalding's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year project in conjunction with our SACSCOC re-accreditation.  The framework of Spalding's QEP is grounded in the compositional and rhetorical scholarship of writing process pedagogy.  Therefore, our Writing Center (WC) is a foundation of best practices in the Writing Intensive classroom.  We encourage Spalding's Faculty and Staff to scaffold Writing Center services into their writing assignments. This can be implemented through in class presentations facilitated by WC staff; email and face-to-face peer student consultations; embedded online Writing Center; and other specialized services to support your Writing Intensive classroom.  

If you are interested in having your students work closely with The Writing Center, please contact our Director, Charles Maynard, and Writing Center Coordinator, Abbie Lemmon, to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can personalize our services to meet your needs. 

Additionally, if you need further information and support from the QEP program, please reach out to the program specialist, Lizzy Caraway and check out the invaluable faculty resources on the QEP Website

The Digital Archives of the Writing Center

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Spalding's QEP Department has created a website that is an invaluable resource for faculty teaching a writing intensive course. For example, if you need a refresher on how to scaffold the writing process into your writing assignments, we encourage you to check out their website. Also, The QEP Team has created informative literature about the best practices for making revision-oriented comments on your student papers as well as links to other writing intensive teaching pedagogues. Additionally, there are many teaching tools on their website such as brainstorming engaging writing assignments and using Peerceptiv to support writing through revision. 

A Faculty Guide to the Services offered at the Writing Center

There is a universal trend in Writing Center discourse about the best practices for demystifying the services of the University Writing Center. Charles and Abbie approached that conversation by creating the "Spalding University Writing Center Guide for Faculty."  Our informative booklet will thoughtfully explain all of the services we offer to support you and your writing intensive course and outline the steps to request our services


“After three years of working closely with the Writing Center in English 109 and 110, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on why our collaboration has been beneficial to Spalding students. Let me start by saying that I’ve now taught at six universities and colleges, and I have worked to varying degrees with Writing Centers at all six. Without question, your staff has been the most helpful to me and students enrolled in my classes, and much of that is due to your leadership. I cannot calculate the number of times at this point a student has mentioned working with one of you and told me how positive the experience was—it’s been far too many to keep track of.

I am especially excited by the success of our embedded writing consultant project. As you know, this is an endeavor I started less successfully at my past institution. For the past three years, someone from your staff has been enrolled in my Moodle course for all but two sections of English 110. We have enrolled you from the first day, and had students write daily research log posts on a forum on Moodle, with at least one member of the Writing Center staff commenting to each student at least once a week.”

Laura A. Detmering, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English Composition
Department of Liberal Studies
Spalding University

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