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Subscription Transparency Guide

This guide provides information on Spalding University Library's annual subscription additions and cancellations .


Subscription Description Begins
Koha ILS Integrated Library System
(Cost-saving measure from previous software)
June 2022
Access PhysioTherapy
 FA Davis PT Collection
Physical Therapy eBooks
(purchased from departmental funds, not library)
July 2022
EBSCO eBook Academic Collection Interdisciplinary database of eBooks July 2022


Considering for Addition

Subscription Description Notes
PsycTherapy Therapeutic Video Database  
American Medical Association Manual of Style AMA Style Guide Faculty Request
DSM5 Library APA Diagnostic Manual and additional resources Multiple faculty requets, approved in FY23, holding on funds
The journal of occupational therapy, schools, and early intervention OT Journal High number of ILL requests
Disability and rehabilitation OT Journal High number of ILL requests
RapidILL Interlibrary loan software/automation  
Physical and occupational therapy in pediatrics OT Journal High number of ILL requests
BePress Digital Commons Institutional repository
JSTOR Interdisciplinary database
American Journal of Nursing Nursing journal Faculty Request, significant in discipline 



Subscription Description Reason for Cancellation Timeline
SAGE Research Methods Collection Database
  • Low usage
  • High cost per use
  • Canceled package in favor of one individual high-use title
Canceled Fall 2023
Constant Contact Communication Software (Newsletters/email campaigns)
  • In library budget due to library/CTL connection, canceled due to separating CTL from library
Canceled June 2023
Annals of American History Britannica Database
  • Retired by Britannica 
Canceled 2022
GFIS Millennium Project Global Leadership Resource
  • Low usage 
  • Poor user experience 
  • Approved to be cut by department faculty 
Canceled 2022
OCLC Worldshare Management Services Integrated Library System, Catalog
  • High cost per use
  • Replacing with lower-cost system 
Canceled 2022
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: Social Sciences Collection Dissertation Database
  • High cost per use 
  • Still maintaining access to Spalding-published dissertations 
Canceled 2022


Considering for Cancellation

Subscription Description Reason for Cancellation
Louisville Courier Journal Local newspaper
  • Low usage 
  • Single-user license only 


About Collection Development

Spalding University librarians recognize the importance of electronically-accessible resources for Spalding students conducting coursework in the virtual environment.  We are prioritizing renewal and purchase of resources that directly support student learning. Librarians are also cognizant of the need to support disciplines as equitably as possible, and are striving to acknowledge both additions and reductions over all areas.

The Spalding University Library leverages the buying power of the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) consortium of state academic and public libraries as well as the Federation of Kentucky Academic Libraries (FoKAL) in order to obtain lower-cost subscriptions to electronic resources. Spalding University Library’s interlibrary loan service support students and faculty in obtaining resources the Library does not directly own or access through a subscription.

Materials that are no longer relevant may be deselected and subscriptions that are no longer cost effective or of significant value may be not be retained. Electronic resource subscriptions will be evaluated for addition or renewal according to the following criteria:

  • Supports curricular needs of the university's degreed programs
  • Usage statistics and cost per use
  • Accreditation requirements
  • Publisher pricing changes
  • Faculty recommendation for pedagogical purposes
  • Fiscal support from recurring funding sources

For more information about how decisions are made, you may also consult our Collection Development Policy and Purchasing Rubric below. If there is a resource you would like the library to consider for subscription or license, please complete the following recommend a purchase or license form. This page will be updated as decisions are made regarding renewal or cancellation of resources.