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Recommended Psychology Databases

No-cost Psychology resources (OER)

Spielman, R. M., Jenkins, W. J., & Lovett, M. D. (2020). Psychology 2e. OpenStax. 

Hasty, J., Lewis, D. G., & Snipes, M. M. (2022). Introduction to Anthropology. OpenStax. 

Conerly, T. R., Holmes, K., & Tamang, A. L. (2021). Introduction to Sociology, 3e. OpenStax. 

Human Development. (2021). Portland State University Library. 

Bridley, A. & Daffin, L. W. (2018). Abnormal Psychology. Washington State University. 

Allen. C. (2020). The Balance of Personality. Portland State University Library. 

Berardi, A. A. & Morton, B. M. (2019). Trauma-Informed School Practices: Building Expertise To Transform Schools. George Fox University Library. 

Paris, J., Ricardo, A., Rymond, D., & Johnson, A. (2019). Child Growth and Development. College of the Canyons. 

Jason, L. A., Glantsman, O., & O'Brien, J. F. (2019). Introduction to Community Psychology. Rebus Community. 

Principles of Social Psychology. (2015). University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing.