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Philosophy & Religious Studies: Recommended Resources

Recommended Philosophy & Religious Studies Databases

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No-cost Philosophy and Religious Studies resources (OER)

Dimmock, M. & Fisher, A. (2017). Ethics for A-Level. Open Book Publishers. 

Brown, N., Gonzalez, L., & Mcllwraith, T. (2017). Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology. American Anthropological Association. 

Matthews, G. & Hendricks, C. (2019). Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics. Rebus Community. 

Barnett, B. C. & Hendricks, C. (2021). Introduction to Philosophy: Epistemology. Rebus Community. 

Branson, B. & Hendricks, C. (2020). Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Religion. Rebus Community.