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Getting Started with OERs

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Start Your Search

Are you interested in finding an open educational resource for your class? With so many sites and sources available, it can be hard to know where to start. Search multiple repositories at once with OASIS: 

OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search) is a search tool that aims to make the discovery of open content easier. OASIS currently searches open content from 115 different sources and contains 440,380 records. Filter results by format to narrow results.

Trusted OER Publishers

The following are repositories from trusted OER publishers where you can find high-quality, reliable learning materials for your courses: 

  • Open Textbook Library: An aggregator of primarily open textbook content. Search bibliographic information and reviews for open textbooks from a variety of sources.
  • OER Commons: An aggregator of open materials, including fact sheets, graphics, syllabi, and a variety of other ancillaries, in addition to textbooks. Use narrowing options on the left side of their site to hone your search.
  • Pressbooks Directory: Provides an index of thousands of open textbooks published across all Pressbooks networks

  • LibreTexts: A repository of open textbooks and open course shells. To browse the content, choose your desired field from the "Explore the Libraries" dropdown menu. This will take you to the LibreTexts hub for that discipline.

  • Skills Commons: Open resources for workforce development.
  • JSTOR: Increasingly includes both open access and openly licensed articles, books, images, media, and research reports.