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Lockdown Browser & Respondus

This guide provides an overview and resources for using Lockdown Browser and Respondus.

What is Lockdown Browser?

Lockdown Browser is a technology that is intended to replicate a proctored testing environment. When using Lockdown Browser, student cannot:

  • Print
  • Capture screen content
  • Access other websites
  • Access any other computer applications (e.g. saved documents. Microsoft Office, other internet browsers)

There are two perspectives when deploying Lockdown Browser:

1. Instructor View: set up a quiz in the LMS to be deployed using Lockdown Browser

2. Student View: provides instructions to students for downloading Lockdown Browser software on a computer. Canvas requires a manual launch, which means students must open Lockdown Browser first before they begin an assessment via Canvas or other platform.

  • Install custom browser from unique link supplied by instructor
  • Windows, Mac, or iPad ONLY
  • Or, use a lab computer with browser installed

Introduction to Lockdown Browser for Canvas