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ASOT OTD Student Handbook: Fieldwork

This FW handbook is a part of the overall ASOT OTD Program Student Handbook

Level II Fieldwork Accommodations Policy

Accommodations for Fieldwork

Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet Level II Fieldwork learning outcomes and performance requirements should contact the ASOT Academic Fieldwork Director prior to completing the Level II Fieldwork Preference Form.  Students must provide written verification of the need for such accommodations from Accessibility Services located on the 2nd floor of the Spalding University Egan Leadership Center, 502-873-4192. If a student comes forward requesting accommodations after Level II Fieldwork placement decisions have occurred, site changes to already assigned placements cannot occur. If accommodation(s) are requested after the Level II Fieldwork Preference Form due date or after receiving the assigned placements, the student will move to the subsequent cohort in order to meet accommodation needs. Please see the University Catalog for more details about seeking accommodations for learning.  

Withdrawal from Level II Fieldwork

Request for withdrawal from a Level II Fieldwork course can only occur once within the academic program.  A withdrawal can occur for either OT 830 or OT 840.  Request for withdrawal from a Level II Fieldwork will only be approved through the tenth week of the experience.  Course withdrawal from a Level II Fieldwork due to failing performance will require a faculty-approved competence development plan (Action Plan) prior to any subsequent fieldwork placement. This plan is developed through face-to-face dialog between the student, the Academic Fieldwork Director, and/or the student's faculty advisor .  After a Level II Fieldwork withdrawal, future Level II Fieldwork experiences will be scheduled within the next occurring Level II Fieldwork decision making cycle AFTER completion of the Action Plan.  If the student continues to struggle with performance expectations in the second attempt of a Level II Fieldwork experience, supports will be implemented, yet withdrawal is NOT an option, and failure in the course may occur. 

Failure in a Level II Fieldwork will result in dismissal from the professional program. A student who is not successful in a Level II Fieldwork experience is NOT eligible to complete the professional program and will not receive the OTD degree.