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ASOT OTD Student Handbook: Fieldwork

This FW handbook is a part of the overall ASOT OTD Program Student Handbook

Level II Fieldwork Evaluative Item Overview


OT 830 and OT 840 are graduate level courses and therefore will incorporate additional assignments in addition to the practicum assignments. This experience is a time for each student to reflect on strengths and areas of challenge as well as incorporating principles of ethics and critical reasoning in the practice setting.
Each student must be actively engaged in her/his own learning process.  You must consistently work on the materials for this course on a daily basis outside of time spent at the fieldwork site to understand the material covered in the course.  This involves working through the materials in texts and integrating them into fieldwork experiences and with class discussions and activities.  The amount of time you personally must spend working on course material will be unique.  If you plan to only work with this material inside the timeframes of on-site fieldwork hours, you may not be successful in mastering the course content. 
Please note: Any grade of “F” in a graduate course is grounds for immediate dismissal from any graduate school at Spalding University. A grade of “F” will be assigned if a student does not meet the minimum requirement for the OT 830 and OT 840 courses.  If the student is not successful in OT 830 or OT 840, the student will be dismissed from the program. Grades will be calculated as follows:
Evaluative Items:
 Final Score per AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for the Occupational  Therapy Student
 Online Discussion: Weekly Reflective Questions
 Weekly Meeting Forms
 Midterm Reflections
 Student Evaluation of Fieldwork Experience (completed by Student and shared  with FW Educator)
Based on the assigned weighting, final course grades are assigned as follows:
A = 100% – 90.0%
B = 89.99% - 80.0%
F = anything below 80.0%**
** For courses of 5 or more credit hours, a grade of C does not meet graduate school performance levels and the student will no longer be eligible to complete the program.
Rounding up of final course grades to provide students a higher level of performance will NOT occur.  The Academic Fieldwork Director will determine the final grade based on the student’s performance on all of the course evaluative items.

**This page serves as an overview only. Students will be oriented to assignments and evaluative measures before Level II Fieldwork begins. Students will always follow the corresponding Level II Fieldwork Course Syllabus for any and all information related to assignments and evaluative measures.**