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ASOT OTD Student Handbook: Fieldwork

This FW handbook is a part of the overall ASOT OTD Program Student Handbook

Level I Fieldwork Evaluative Item Overview

Each student must be actively engaged in her/his own learning process.  Students must consistently work on the materials for this course on a daily basis outside of class to understand the material covered in the course.  This involves working through the material in the text and integrating it with class/on-line discussions and activities.  The amount of time students personally must spend working on the material will be unique.  If students plan to only work with this material inside the timeframes of the course class periods, students will most likely not be successful in mastering the course content.   
For all 700 level courses: Objective assignment performance will provide the major basis for student mastery of course objectives. In order for the student to be successful in this course, the student MUST have a passing average (a score of 77) on the cumulative score of all objective assignment grades. Professionalism grades will be averaged into the final course grade.  If the cumulative assignment score is NOT at a passing level, the student will not be successful in the course.  If the student is not successful in any Level I Fieldwork experience, other arrangements may be made or a student may be required to repeat the course the next time it is offered in the curriculum with the following cohort. Grades will be calculated as follows:
Evaluative Items:
 Fieldwork Skills Checklist
 Level I Fieldwork Evaluation Form (completed by Fieldwork  Educator)
 Professional Behaviors
Based on the assigned weighting, final course grades are assigned as follows:
                        A = 100% – 90.0%
                        B = 89.99% - 80.0%
                        C = 79.99% – 70.0% **
                        F = anything below 70.0%                    

Students will earn a course score, which is translated into a letter grade described above, based on their earned evaluative item total scores in each Level I Fieldwork course;  however, many assignments within each Level I Fieldwork course are pass/fail. Rounding up of final course scores to provide students a higher grade will NOT occur. 

ASOT Level I Fieldwork assignments (with the direct supervision of the fieldwork educator) may include:

1. Completing fieldwork agency profiles
2. Completing a Fieldwork Educator interview
3. Observing the Fieldwork Educator and other professionals within the agency
4. Assisting the Fieldwork Educator and/or other professionals within the agency with planning and leading the following components of the OT Process (under direct/indirect supervision) : 
          -Individual and/or group interventions
          -Discharge summaries/outcomes assessments
5. Creating and sharing client and/or agency-centered consultative programs
6. Observing and/or engaging in interprofessional team work
7. Documenting sessions that capture subjective and objective information and making assessments to develop clinically reasoned plans for intervention (i.e. SOAP notes)
8. Reviewing with the Fieldwork Educator the results of the student’s evaluation of his/her experience while on fieldwork (formally called the Level I Student Fieldwork Evaluation of Performance)
9. Receiving the completed Level I Fieldwork Evaluation of Student Performance from fieldwork educator (ACOTE standard C.1.9.)
10. Completing any site-specific fieldwork assignments and/or objectives

This page serves as an overview only. Students will be oriented to assignments and evaluative measures before each Level I Fieldwork experience. Students will always follow the corresponding Level I Fieldwork Course Syllabus for any and all information related to assignments and evaluative measures.

Please visit "Level I Documents and Forms" for use during any fieldwork experience.