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Virtual Presentations

An overview of virtual presentation tools.


Screencastify is a lightweight extension for Google Chrome. Just click install in the Chrome Web Store and Screencastify will always be accessible right in your browser.


  1. A computer running the latest version of Google Chrome (including Chromebooks and Chromeboxes)
  2. A Google account
  3. 1GB of free memory, since all recording are temporarily stored locally before being uploaded to Google Drive

Storage? All of your recordings can be safely stored and encrypted in your Google Drive account or locally on your device. If you choose to store your recordings locally, your video files are stored on a sandboxed local HTML5 file system managed by Chrome. 


Offline access? You can record, edit and save videos locally without an internet connection. However, you won’t be able to save your recordings on Google Drive or upload to YouTube until you go online again.


Export videos? You may export your videos, including MP4, GIF, and MP3 options

Creating Screencastify