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Virtual Presentations

An overview of virtual presentation tools.

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is an online media platform.  Users are able to create videos or upload videos recorded elsewhere (e.g., Vidgrid, Youtube, etc).  There are two ways users may access Studio:

Canvas Global Navigation Menu- This link gives you direct access to your Studio account from anywhere in Canvas. 


Rich Content Editor- Users can access Studio as an external tool through the Rich Content Editor.  Rich Content Editor is part of multiple features in Canvas including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. For students, the Rich Content Editor is also available in course groups and in Text Entry assignment submissions.

Canvas Rich Content Editor

Recording Your Presentation Using Canvas Studio

Your professors may require you to submit a recorded presentation for some assignments. You can create a video presentation in Canvas Studio by recording your screen, your screen and webcam, or just your webcam. Watch the video below to learn how or follow these instructions to record a screen capture video in Canvas Studio.