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Streaming Media & Video

Streaming Media Requests

The Spalding University Library supports the curricular streaming needs of the university.  However, the high cost of streaming videos combined with budget constraints requires some limits on what the Library is able to provide. The policy for acquiring streaming rights may be adjusted annually based on funding. We ask that you carefully consider non-streaming and other streaming options prior to requesting the Library acquire the rights to stream titles.

When requesting materials, please be sure to include author, publisher, copyright and/or distribution release date, ISBN, etc.  A citation for the material would be useful for processing.

Permission to Use

Determining who the copyright holder is may take some investigating.  For many works, the publisher is the copyright holder. Look for a copyright notice such as "2020 Imaginary University Press" or "copyright by C. Holder, 2020."  Unfortunately, not all works will include a copyright notice, and it is also possible that the copyright has changed hands since the notice was printed.

More information about seeking permission to use.