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Printing at the Library

This guide directs users on how to print using WEPA machines and known issues with printers.

What is WEPA?

Every student is given a WEPA account that is accessible using your Spalding e-mail and portal password.  You may send a print job via any computer on campus, your laptop (download the print app at, a jump drive, or via e-mail.  You cannot pay with cash, but you can purchase a print card from Enrollment Services in the Egan Leadership Center, or add money to your WEPA account using a credit or debit card.  More information on WEPA may be found at

How to Print

At the computer: 

  • Use the computer print dialog like you typically would (CTRL + P or File --> Print) 
  • Pressing "OK" should cause a WEPA pop-up window to appear
  • Log in using your portal username and password

Note: You must be logged on to a Spalding University computer in order to print to a WEPA printer on campus. 

At the kiosk: 

  • After completing the above steps at the computer, go to the kiosk
  • In the upper right-hand corner, touch the "Login/Guest"
  • Login using your portal username and password
  • The kiosk will show a list of documents that you requested to print
  • Hit "Print" and select your desired payment option