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PSY-575: Research Methods

What is Grey Literature

Gray literature is information (often scientific or technical) that is not available through the usual bibliographic sources such as library databases or indexes. It can be both in print and, increasingly, electronic formats. Grey literature is more likely to be found freely available on the web using Google, Google Scholar, Research Gate, orgranizational websites, among others. 

  • Grey literature refers to the "grey areas" of publishing, think "in-between."
  • Grey literature is not formally part of "traditional publishing cycles. Producers include research groups, non-profits, universities and government agencies.
  • Grey literature is not widely disseminated. Often, infrastructure exists to disseminate this material efficiently.

Traditional Formats

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Statistics and other data sources
  • Conference proceedings, poster presentations and abstracts
  • Research reports
  • Technical specifications, standards and annual reports
  • Drug information 
  • Registered clinical trials

Emerging Formats

  • Pre-published drafts available online
  • Blogs, podcasts and videos, social media
  • Institutional Repositories and Open Access
  • Digital Libraries

Grey Literature Sources

Drug Regulatory Information