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COM-300: Applied Communication Research

This guide offers resources for students in Com-300.

Recommended Databases

Searching in databases can be a helpful way to narrow your search results to sources that are directly related to your topic (instead of searching the entirety of the library's collection). Databases are often organized by subject--below are recommended databases for communication.

General Communication Databases

  • Academic Search Complete
    • Academic Search Complete is a multidisciplinary database with scholarly, peer-reviewed sources on a host of different topics. This is always a great place to start your research, regardless of topic, due to the wide array of resources offered.
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCO)
    • Communication & Mass Media Complete gives users access to peer-reviewed journal articles within the field of communication.
  • Communications and Mass Media (Gale OneFile)
    • This database is similar to the previously listed communications database (Communication & Mass Media Complete, EBSCO); however, it is provided by a different vendor (Gale) and offers access to scholarly, peer-reviewed resources that may not be available in the EBSCO database.

Specialized Communication Databases

These databases are geared toward special focuses within the field of communication and may be helpful based on your particular research topic.

Recommended Journals

To search for specific journals, you can use our Publication Finder. Below are links to a few popular communication journals: