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HIST-222: U.S. Since Civil War

Surveys United States history from the Civil War to the present. Particular attention will be given to the diversity of the population and the experiences of ordinary people. Themes include isolationism and interventionism, the changing role of government

Dillon In-Class Activity

Example Topic & Sources

Muhammad Ali's boxing career, civil rights activism, and connection to Spalding University

Group 1: 

Jones, S. (2018, January 17). Spalding Renames Athletic Building 'Columbia Gym,' Where Ali Learned to Box [Blog post]. Spalding University Blog. Retrieved from

Group 2: 

United Press International Television News. (1967, March 23). US Ali Wins [Video file]. AP News Archive. Retrieved from

Group 3: 

Anonymous. (n.d.). Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston [Brochure]. Spalding University Archives, Spalding University Library, Louisville, KY. 

Group 4: 

Monahan, T. (1974, November 21). Ali's 'First Boss': Young Cassius Clay Did Odd Jobs for Spalding Librarian. The RecordSpalding University Archives, Spalding University Library, Louisville, KY. 

Group 5: 

Egan, E. M., Sr. (1974, November 6). [Telegram to Muhammad Ali]. Spalding University Archives, Spalding University Library, Louisville, KY. 

Group 6: 

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Group 7: 

Muhammad Ali and the Draft. (2004). In C. Rose (Ed.), American Decades Primary Sources (Vol. 7, pp. 644-649). Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from

Group 8: 

Smith, M. (2002). Muhammad Speaks and Muhammad Ali: Intersections of the Nation of Islam and sport in the 1960s. International Sports Studies, 21(1), 54-69. Retrieved from

Group 9: 

Berisha, V., Liss, J., Huston, T., Wisler, A., Jiao, Y., & Eig, J. (2017). Float like a butterfly sting like a bee: Changes in speech preceded parkinsonism diagnosis for Muhammad Ali. Proceedings from Interspeech 2017 August 20–24, 2017. Stockholm, Sweden: International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). Retrieved from