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Honors Scholar Program

Upcoming Honors Scholar Courses

Session 3: Interpersonal Communication (COM 204 D3 HON) 12:30-2:10 with Dr. Sarah Beach

This course uses a theoretical approach to understanding the dynamics of interpersonal communication, examining issues such as culture, power, conflict, perception, and language in various contexts, including friendships, romantic relationships, families, and organizations. Suitable for students at any level. Can be used to satisfy a University Studies elective for Communication.

Session 6: Sacred Stuff: The Materiality of Religion (RS 301 D6 HON) 12:30-2:10 with Dr. Dorina Parmenter

This course examines religions as fundamentally constituted by what people do, as physical bodies interacting with material things, rather than by abstract beliefs, doctrines, or words of scripture. Drawing upon art, history, anthropology, and other disciplines, and using examples from many religions, we will learn about theories of materiality that interpret embodied experiences of spaces and objects, and investigate how these theories can be applied to various case studies. It is recommended that students complete ENG 109 and 110 before taking this class. Can be used to satisfy a University Studies elective for Religious Studies or Humanities. 


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