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Library Access Services

In this guide, you'll find information for reserve items, shelving locations, and loan rules for library items.

Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are a collection of books that support courses offered during the session. Some professors provide 1-2 copies of their required or suggested materials so that students who have not purchased the book or are waiting for their book to come in can use them. Personal copies of the books are barcoded and labeled so that library staff can check them in and out to students. They have a 2-Hour or 4-Hour (in library use only) checkout period.

How do I put my items on reserve?

Fill out our online form for each item you want to place on reserve. You can bring the items in to the library and let the desk staff know to give the items to the Access Services Librarian for Course Reserves. Please allow 1-2 days for processing.

How do I take my items off Course Reserve?

At the end of each session, the Access Services Librarian removes all the items on Course Reserves and sends them back through campus mail. If you are an adjunct, books are shelved in the Access Services office until they are retrieved.

Are students actually using my reserve items?

Access Services keeps statistics on each reserve item. A note about how many times your items were used will be sent with your books when they are returned at the end of the session!

How does this impact students?

If students do not have access to the course text, it is very difficult for them to succeed in the course. Having your items on Course Reserve supports student retention by providing another pathway for student success. It can also significantly reduce student cost. 

Please feel free to contact the Access Services Assistant if you have any additional questions or concerns!

Course Reserves Request Form

Student Request Form: Copy of Course Reserves (for students unable to access the Library building)

Anatomy Models

The library has anatomy models available for student checkout. They must be used in the library and are available for 4 hours at a time. 

Below is a list of the items we currently have. If you'd like to suggest a purchase, please fill out the Purchase Request Form. 

  • Disarticulated skeleton
  • Human Brain
  • Human skull with removable brain
  • Human Heart 
  • Muscular full body model (human) 
  • Muscular leg (human)
  • Muscular arm (human)
  • Miniature human skeleton