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Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Use these resources to explore options and helpful tips about studying abroad.

Getting Started

6 Steps to Studying Abroad

This is an outline on applying to study abroad during your time at Spalding University.

1. Research Approved Programs

     CCSA: The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad is a non-profit consortium of schools focused on providing study abroad experiences in English speaking countries. Click the link to learn more about their study abroad programs. CCSA.CC

     KIIS: The Kentucky Institute for International Studies is a nonproft consortium of colleges and universities in Kentucky and surrounding states. Check out their website for more information on programs. KIIS.ORG

With so many countries to choose from consider what classes you need, your budget, and language requirements to narrow down your program options.

2. Make an appointment with you Academic Advisor.

     Located in the ELC suite 200 - Academic Support Office

     Click the Link to schedule and appointment -

3. Meet with Financial Aid to go over budget options for studying abroad

4.  Start the application process. There are two applications that must be submitted. The First application is through Spalding, which will be given to you by the study abroad coordinator. The second is the application for the specific abroad program (CCSA or KIIS) which is filled out online. These application process take time and involve application fees. Plan accordantly to make sure you give yourself enough time to complete all requirements (example; recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.)

*If you do not have a passport you should be in the process of applying for one. Processing times for passports can take up to 6-8 weeks. Click the link to start the application*

5. Once Accepted. Turn in ALL Completed Paperwork. This includes pre-departure paperwork to the study abroad coordinator. Ask program provider if travel insurance purchase is necessary.  

6. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation. This is mandatory for study abroad participants

Now Go Abroad and have the experience of a lifetime!