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Creating a Survey

Adding Questions

Once you have added a question to your workspace, there are several ways to customize your survey: 

  • Add or remove an option
  • Make a question required
  • Edit the settings of the question to change the format or appearance
  • Copy question to reusable library
  • Reorder or delete questions
  • Insert a page break or line separator

You can also include an intro, footer, or thank you page to your survey. 

QuestionPro Logic

Question logic creates rules for how a user will progress through a survey, such as showing follow up questions based on previous answers. 

Select the "logic" setting of a question to set parameters. 

In the example below: 

  • If a user answers "How satisfied are you with our service?" with "Extremely Unsatisfied"
  • Then...the next page of the survey will ask "How can we improve"? 

Question Pro Skip Logic

The same feature can be used to show or hide questions if certain criteria are met based on previous responses or jump to another question based on a score value, quota, or recommendation. 

Editing Multiple Questions

Under "tools," switch to "Compact View" to edit, order, or validate questions by selecting each question. 

Question Pro Compact View

Preview Responses and Generate Friendly URL

You can also Preview your survey at any point along the way, and edit the URL link for your survey to something user-friendly and easy to remember/advertise (e.g. 

QuestonPro URL edit and Preview option.

Additional Features

Within the survey window you can also: 

  • Edit > Interface - Change the appearance by color, layout, or CSS
  • Send > via email, social media, or generate an embed code
  • Reports > Generate reports on responses
  • Mobile > Preview the survey as seen on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices