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Nursing: Recommended Resources

Graduate Research


Recommended Nursing Databases

No-cost Nursing Resources (OER)

Ernstmeyer, K. & Christman, E. (2020). Nursing Fundamentals. WI Technical Colleges Open Press.

Ernstmeyer, K. & Christman, E. (2021). Nursing Skills. WI Technical Colleges Open Press.

Murphy, J. (2020). Transitions to Professional Nursing Practice. Open SUNY. 

Nursing Pharmacology (2020). WI Technical Colleges Open Press.

Rees, G., Kruger, R., & Morrison, J. (2017). Health Case Studies. BCcampus. 

Rees Doyle, G. & McCutcheon, J. (2015). Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care. BCcampus. 

Lowey, S. E. (2015). Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know. Open SUNY. 

Callahan, A., Leoanrd, H., & Powell, T. (2020). Nutrition: Science and Everyday Application. Open Oregon Educational Resources. 

Recommended Books for Nursing

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