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MSBC-655: Org Development and Change

This course is designed to explore the three change-related dimensions of an organization: strategy, structure, and job performance. Students will address the following issues: strategy formulation and strategic planning; innovation; and leading, implemen

Search Engines & Meta Search Engines

Google Web Search

What's the difference between a search engine & meta search engine? Search engine create their listings dynamically; spiders or robots search web pages looking for keywords. Meta search engines don't create their own database of information. Meta search engines allows users to search several search engines simultaneously. Here's a few meta search engines: 

Vivisimo- Enter a search term, and Vivismo will not only pull back matching responses from major search engines but also automatically organize the pages into categories.

Dogpile- Popular metasearch site that sends a search to a customizable list of search engines, directories and specialty search sites, then displays results from each search engine individually.

Excite- Formerly a crawler based search engine with its own index, it was transformed into a meta search engine when purchased by InfoSpace in 2001.

Organizational Development Websites