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Reading a Turnitin Report

  1. In the Similarity column, click the number. A new window opens with the Originality Report
  2. The left side of the page contains your paper. The content that may be plagiarized is  highlighted
  3. The color and number displayed on the left side of the screen corresponds to the match in the Match Overview area. You can see what portion of the text Turnitin is flagging as plagiarized and where the content comes from

  1. Did you know?

    Turnitin does NOT take into account that you may have cited your sources. Your instructor should take this into account when grading your paper.  It is instructor discretion to determine what percentage of matching will/will not constitute plagiarism for the class.

  2. To view the web site of a match, move the mouse pointer to the source you want to view and click the arrow 
  3. The source text is displayed on the left side of the page
  5. When you are finished viewing the originality report, close the window

Courtesy: University of North Carolina Charlotte FAQ