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NURS-804: Theory Foundations for Health Care Improvement

This course provides students with the theoretical basis for the development, improvement and evaluation of healthcare practice and programs. Focus is on specific models and theories that guide healthcare professionals in practice improvement, quality car

How Do Libraries Organize Information?

In order for people to find information, it must be organized in a useful way. The difficulty organizing information is due to the fact that organizing (e.g., cataloging) is a subjective act.  A librarian or indexer must determine what the book, CDROM, etc is about and then anticipate all the ways people might search for that resource.  Library of Congress designed a classification system to:

  • organize books by subject on library shelves
  • provide a subject heading system to describe what the library material is about.

Subject Search

Search the Spalding University Library Catalog by Subject using these terms for more focused searching:

  • Health Behavior
  • Health Belief Model
  • Changing Behavior
  • Theory of Reasoned Action
  • Planned Behavior
  • Precaution Adoption Process Model
  • Integrated Behavioral Model
  • Interpersonal Health Behavior
  • Models of Organizational Change
  • Transtheoretical Model
  • Stages of Change
  • Social Cognitive Theory
  • Social Networks 
  • Diffusion of Innovations
  • Preceed-Proceed Model
  • Social Support


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