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Learning Equity: Online Class Tips

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How to stay focused during online classes

  • Put your phone away! Have it out of your sight
  • Get into a routine 
    • Don't wake up 2 minutes before class just because you can
    • Schedule a daily school work time, even if your class does not meet at a set time- don't wait until the day your work is due for the week! 
  • Dress as if you're still going to an in-person class
  • Create a workspace that makes you feel focused, positive, and confident. 
    • Consider your surroundings- can you dedicate a place to school work?
    • What does the lighting in your space look like when you're on camera?  What adjustments can you make to increase your confidence?
    • Attending class from bed is not a good idea. 
  • Engage with the class.  Comment in the discussion forum, ask questions in the chat, or respond in online class sessions. 
  • Reach out to professors before/after class with questions- it will help you feel connected.
  • Eat/drink and use the bathroom before class. Imagine watching someone else chewing during a video session! 
  • Take notes, even if your professor shares the slides! 
  • Use Study Buddies to connect with classmates to review class materials.