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What is Turnitin? is a tool for checking student papers against a repository of papers and the Internet to detect possible plagiarism issues.  It results in the creation of an originality report which can then be reviewed by faculty, and if allowed by the faculty member, by students.  Often viewed as a gotcha tool, it may also be used quite effectively as a teaching tool for drafting and long-tern writing projects, such as dissertations.  

While used primarily for grading papers, it may also be used to grade almost any assignment including presentations, thereby enhancing visual and other forms of literacy.  The Grade Anything video will show you how to grade any assignment using Turnitin.

The brief Powerpoint listed below and the videos and text on the set up and grading of Turnitin assignments should prove useful. NOTE:  When copying old courses, you should  avoid copying Turnitin assignments. Since the assignments link to the Turnitin site, copying will carry over old student work and due dates.