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ENG-110: College Writing Workshop II

This course guide helps students find research materials for argumentative writing and advanced research techniques.

4 Moves and a Habit

Activity #1

Step 1: Read your article and highlight the following: 

  • Author
  • Date
  • Newspaper/Organization
  • Evidence or sources cited
  • Any charged language - Write in the margins what emotions are you feeling

Step 2: Start the 4 Moves (Refer to the "Fact Checking" tab if needed)

Move 1: Check Snopes or Politifact

Move 2: Follow links to find original source

Move 3: Read laterally about author/publication

Move 4: Circle back if needed

Step 3: If you believe your source is untrustworthy, find a more credible source to share

Step 4: Place your claim on the spectrum from true to false as your "final verdict"

Claim #1: Medicaid has helped fuel the opioid crisis

Claim #2: Race contributes more to poverty than class

Claim #3: NC teacher: "I am roughly being paid $53 a day to educate your child"

Claim #4: Peppa Pig causes autism. 

Claim #5: Octopuses came to earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago

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