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QEP Writing Through Revision

"Writing through Revision": The What and How of Spalding's QEP

Dear Spalding Faculty Member,

Spalding's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year project tied to our SACSCOC accreditation reaffirmation. Each SACSCOC member-institution's QEP is meant to hold the institution accountable to the requirement that it strive for "ongoing improvement."

Spalding's QEP will be rolled out sequentially to every undergraduate program over the course of four years (2017-2020). In the fifth year (AY 2020-2021) the project will remain active in all programs.

"Writing through Revision" was chosen through a campus-wide selection process. The project calls for faculty in each program to insert a "writing-intensive" (WI) component into selected courses in each program, from introductory-level through capstone. The project's goal is to capitalize on the writing undergraduates do for their Spalding coursework as a skill-based process in addition to a content-based product

What does that mean, exactly? If you are teaching a WI course, it simply means no more and no less than that you make a conscious effort to emphasize the writing process throughout your course. 

Because this project focuses on student engagement in the classroom through writing, it means that the success of the project hinges on our faculty committing to make this conscious effort.

But won't that make commenting on and grading student work impossibly burdensome and time-consuming? And, what am I supposed to do in the classroom, exactly?

Answer #1: Not necessarily! 

Answer #2: Don't worry, that's exactly what this site is for!

The content on this site contains easily digestible, practical ideas for how you can integrate writing and critical thinking into your classroom, and why you should do so. My goal is that you should be able to read through this website in no more than 15 minutes to get a sense of current best practices for writing for revision. Then, you can come back periodically for a good idea to implement during a particular class session. The great thing about active learning strategies is that they are almost infinitely malleable. So you can easily make them your own, no matter what your discipline or assignment.

Thanks for your participation and enthusiasm! Please be in touch with me anytime with questions regarding the writing process or active classroom learning. I am also happy to schedule a one-on-one appointment with you to discuss your writing-intensive syllabus or other pedagogical questions (see scheduler in the box at the bottom of the page).



               Jeff Shenton

Spalding University QEP Director

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Schedule a Consultation for your Writing-Intensive Syllabus!


Syllabus consultations are 30 minute, one-on-one sessions with the QEP Director that are meant to discuss your ideas related to best practices for your writing-intensive course. These sessions are completely non-evaluative and should serve to begin a discussion with you about teaching the writing process at Spalding.