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Course Reserves

Course Reserves are print and media resources that instructors request to be set aside at the circulation desk on the 1st floor for student use throughout the duration of a course.

Reserves are categorized by the last name of the instructor. Materials are used in the library only for a given amount of time, usually 2-4 hours.

Students must show their ID in order to borrow materials. Copyright laws for print and non-print materials apply (see our Course Reverses Copyright Policy). For more information, contact Brandi Duggins (, Access Services Librarian.

Course Reserves Request Form

Library Instruction

The Library Instruction Program at Spalding University Library seeks to empower students to discover, use, and create information, data, and scholarship in today’s complex digital environment by providing effective, engaging, and embedded learning services.

These services include:

  • individual research assistance
  • in-class or hybrid instruction sessions
  • online tutorials
  • assignment design

based on information literacy outcomes that can be integrated into any course context based on student and faculty needs.

Request a Library Instruction Consultation or Session

Peer Review

The Writing Center provides in-class peer reviews that are designed to get students to read, think about, and discuss their work in a small group setting. Writing Center Consultants facilitate a discussion with students where they can identify areas of strength and weakness within their work.

We attempt to meet and engage students wherever they are in the writing process. Often times this means helping students come up with ideas, direction, organizational techniques, strengthening thesis statements, and focusing on other higher order issues while keeping the goals of the assignment on target. The link below provides more information.

Embedded Writing Center

The online-embedded writing center is designed to allow our staff to interact with students as they move through the writing process in a comfortable, online atmosphere. This interaction is accomplished by our staff interacting with students in online Moodle discussion forums.

Our consultants respond to student posts with a focus on the current writing assignment and where the student appears to be in the writing process. This interaction allows our staff to enter into a discourse with students who may be reluctant to visit the Writing Center while also giving them additional direction in their writing process. We communicate with faculty throughout this process in order to recognize where students are in the session/writing process and what goals faculty may have for students in concern to the embedded element. 

One-on-one and Email Consultations

The Writing Center invites all students, staff, and faculty to use our one-on-one consultations services. This service consists of students coming into the writing center and working one-on-one with writing center consultants. This is a personalized experience designed to give focused feedback to help students in their work. We also offer an email service that allows students to upload their work via our website. The following link provides an overview of our one-on-one and email services.

Email Your Work


The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) offers 30 minute, one-on-one syllabus consultations with the QEP Director that are meant to discuss your ideas related to best practices for your writing-intensive course. These sessions are completely non-evaluative and should serve to begin a discussion with you about teaching the writing process at Spalding.

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