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Center for Teaching & Learning

Course Design Institute

The CTL introduces the triannual Course Design Institute (CDI). CDI is a four week asynchronous course conducted in Moodle.  Participants will experience the role of an online student while focusing on creating a learner-centered, integrated  designed online course.  Learning objectives include:

  • Analyze the pedagogy and instructional approaches behind online learning.
  • Examine the use of backward design for online course development.
  • Discuss the importance of adhering to copyright and accessibility when assembling online course content.
  • Examine the Moodle tools conducive to creating a learner-centered online course.

CDI is recommended for faculty course developers for fully online or blended courses.  This training is completed entirely on Moodle.  Enrollment now available by completing this form.

Month Enrollment
April Instructors teaching S6, S7, summer or fall semester starts
June  Instructors teaching S1, S2, S3 or fall semester starts
September  Instructors teaching S4, S5, S6, or spring semester starts



Online Course Review

The CTL has conducted online course reviews for newly created or previously taught online courses.  Online course reviews examine best practices in online facilitation including:

  • Measurable learning objectives

  • Assessments aligning with learning objectives

  • Instructional materials aligning with learning objectives

  • Instructor presence

  • Introductory activities to create community

  • Course shell organization

Individual consultations made by arranged via this request form.


The university's learning management system is Moodle.  Moodle technical support may be directed to Moodle Help Desk or call 1-855-585-9911 ext. 2398 or ext. 2398 on campus and select choice 1.

The CTL offers individual or group consultations via the following training request form:

  • Onboarding- One-on-one training in-person or via virtual conferencing covering core Moodle functions for discussion forums, assessments, class announcements, gradebook, and course backup.

  • Orientation- Just in time group training which covers core Moodle functions for discussion forums, assessments, class announcements, and gradebook.

  • Quick Start- Basic university-wide course shell navigation embedded into course shell.

  • Advanced Tools- One-on-one training in-person or via virtual conferencing covering advanced Moodle functions such as database, glossaries, lessons, polls, advanced grading tools among others.

Accessible Materials

In consultation with the Office of Accessibility Services, there are four main areas to make a course more accessible. These guidelines are based upon Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These areas include:

  • Syllabus Assistant

  • Audio- Voice narration and transcript for all visual presentations.

  • Videos- Captioning and/or transcripts for all videos.

  • Documents- Materials, handouts, syllabi etc. should be provided in accessible formatted versions (i.e., MS Word) versus scanned document (e.g., PDF). 

  • Images- Photos, graphs, or tables should be tagged and given a description.

The CTL provides one-on-one or group training for any of the above referenced materials via the following request form.