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QEP Writing Through Revision

Why Graduate School?

Why should I bother with graduate school?

Good question!  Attending graduate school can open up a new world of opportunities for you as a professional.  According to the blog, "6 Reasons to go to Graduate School" from Northeastern University, the following are just a few of the reasons that you should consider attending grad school. 

1. Developing New Skills

By pursuing your master's degree or doctorate degree, you are developing transferable skills that can apply to multiple jobs, organizations, and industries, such as:

- Analytical Skills

- Interpersonal Skills

- Organizational Skills

- Communication Skills

These skills can help you to become a more versatile employee and market yourself as more valuable to hiring managers and recruiters.

2. Career Growth and Higher Salary

A graduate degree can help you move into more senior roles, such as management and leadership.  Additionally, many companies not only recognize the benefits of having a graduate degree, but they may also prefer their employees to have one. 

You can also increase your earning potential by earning an advanced degree.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, examples of industries that offer higher salaries for those with a master’s are:

  • Information Security Analysts: $85,000 versus $100,000—an 18 percent increase
  • Medical and Health Services Managers: $70,000 versus $90,000—a 29 percent increase
  • Marketing and Sales Managers: $80,000 versus $110,000—a 38 percent increase
  • Financial Managers: $90,000 versus $170,000—an 89 percent increase

4. Enhanced Connections

Your classmates in grad school will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries!  This allows you to become connected to an extensive network of not only professors with years of relevant industry experience, but also classmates from all walks of life.  The more people you're connected to, the more opportunities you have to meet other talented professionals, discover new job openings, and advance in your career. 

5. Lifelong Learning

Getting your master's degree can help you build upon your studies, preparing you for a life of continuous learning!


Lastly, attending graduate school will also give you an additional opportunity to....

Continue Improving Your Writing!

Writing is an important exercise that is a part of attending graduate school.  By attending graduate school you will work on your ability to produce scholarly and professional text that could be submitted for publication or used as writing samples in the job application process!