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Career Development

How can parents help with career planning?

How can parents help with Career Planning?
Top 3 most important things you can do:
1. Listen to the student’s ideas, plans and goals for their major and career.
2. Be open to ideas they have for their career.
3. Help your student find information about their career choice to help them find the best fit.


Other Ideas:
1. Encourage your student to visit the career center early on! Get the contact info of the career development center and have it ready if your student is ever anxious or unclear about their future, offer the info to them!
2. Advise students to write resumes and keep them up to date whenever they get a new job, volunteer experience, campus involvement, and/or internships. This can also help students find weak spots in their experience to prepare for the future.
3. Challenge your student to become occupationally literate. This can include occupational research, career assessments, talking to faculty, conducting interviews or job shadowing.
4. Emphasize the importance of internships. Internships are a great place to learn valuable skills, can sometimes lead to jobs after graduation, and students can gain references for job searches.
5. Encourage extracurricular involvement. Being involved on campus helps develop leadership, communication, planning, and other skills employers are looking for.
6. Help students understand the value of networking. Encourage them to attend network events and engage with employers and recruiters at those events.
7. Help the Career Development Center. If you or your company/organization are hiring, reach out to Spalding University with any part-time, full-time or internship opportunities. We can connect you with hard-working students to fill those positions!